1.Tell us about you, your passions, your goals. As a women my passion is God, the world we live in and making it a safer place for us all to live in. My Goal as a mom is to run a successful business that will empower others to do the same so that they can remain at home with there families. No, child should be left alone ever.

 2.Tell me how you got involved in your business? I created Mommies Point of View right after I had my son as a way to be able to stay at home with him while helping my husband with the finances. Through the years it has involved into and I share tips for parents teaching them to Homeschooling, Run a Business and offering advice on new products that are being manufactured. 


3. What does a typical day look like as in the like of someone who runs their own business? As a mom I have set times and days that I work. I get up between 4 and 5 and work until 7 then I wake my son up and help Charlie get ready for school. I walk him to school then I go walking for at least 30 minutes to a hour. While walking I make phone calls for my business. I am back home by 9 am and I eat and start work again at 9:30 writing out reviews. I work until 11 and eat lunch and walk inside until noon. I go back to work until one answering emails until 3:25 when I go pick up my son from school. From 3:30 until 8 I spend time with my family cooking, doing Homework or watching a show together. We take from 5 to 6 to be outside walking or playing Soccer. My husband goes to bed by 8 and Charlie and I read from 8 to 9. Then he goes to bed and I sit with him until he falls asleep. At 10 pm I get back online and work till 11. Then I go to bed and get back up between 4 and 5 to begin again. Sunday’s are family day’s. I do not work on them it is dedicated to my son.


4. What attributes does someone need to have in order to be really successful in this position? They need to be flexible in what they do and the hours and days they will work. Detail orinated and organized and have patience as things change at the drop of a hat. You must stay up to date on all the rules regarding Social Media Sites. Be willing to learn and attend classes. No, how to accept no,s and not let them get you down. Have a no, give up attitude.


5.What are the biggest challenges that someone in this position would face? You have to be willing to  work for free at first because there are more and more people starting blogs and lots of bigger blogs that you will be. So even though the paying jobs may not come think outside the box and you can figure out ways to make money as this is what I did.

 6. What did you do before you started your business? I was the Assistant Manager in a Marketing Firm in our local mall. 


 7.  Please tell us about your business, the products you offer? I am a Blogger who conducts reviews and giveaways. I offer you the opportunity to be seen without breaking the bank. I am a Social Media Strategist who teaches Social Media. I also have 2 Direct Sales companies I am with and will share with you at a later date . In my area I also set up local events for Charities and run events for the American Legion such as Wrestling once a month.


 8.What is your favorite part about working from home? I am home with my son  and can be at his school anytime I am needed. If my friends or family needs me I can take off and I don’t have to ask permission or get written up when I don’t feel like working.


.9. What can you tell me about your new products or plans for growth? I plan on reopening up to showcase and local businesses and Direct Sellers. I hope to expand to help Direct Sellers and Homeschool Moms learn how to help each other out.


10.What do you feel is your greatest sales accomplishment and when/why did it happen? I was nominated Chamber Member of the Month and Diplomat of the Month. As well as raising over $1100 in free books for my sons school. It happened through hard work and partnering with local business owners in the community. Who I can still reach out to if I need things or want to set up new events. 


 11.How do you balance client expectations versus real expectations? How do you handle it when they are too high? I balance client expectations and real expectations as I take what a client expects of me and what I know I can do then set it a little higher so as I reach my goals I have the opportunity to grow as well as help them grow. I never think of a goal as too high just a learning experience I need to work on and learn. Even if it means going to classes.


 12. Pretend I’m a prospect and give me an example of a pitch of a product or service you are selling. God afternoon, I am Glenda Cates I see your with Notes That Float. May I ask what your business is and how you market yourself? Once I learn this then I sit down with them and show them my website and discuss ways my readers could use there services. For Notes That Float I would ask if she has thought of children’s birthday parties and partnering with a Event Planning Company. Or the local PTA’s for Teachers Appreciation. What Social Media does  she use and how can we expand on it. Does she has a affiliate program and if not why not? What specials has she offered in the past and did they work? Do you have a blog and if not why not? Then I would offer her some things to work on as well as books to read with a list of people in her area to contact. I would give her a certain amount of time to do these things. Then contact her and go over what she has and hasn’t done. If she has done nothing then we would both know she isn’t serious about growing her business and I would ask her to contact me once she agrees to do what I ask.


13.  How do you keep up to date on your target market? I follow other blogs, take classes and attend conferences. as well as partner with other bloggers so we can share new information we might not have heard of.


 14.Tell Us about your company, how it started, products you offer. I started Mommies Point of View when my son was a year old so I could remain at home with him. As I didn’t feel comfortable placing him in a Day Care. After the first year my husband let me know I would need to return to work but almost 10 years and I am still blogging as it allows me the freedom to be at home with my son. We aren’t rich and I don’t make a lot of the blog but what I do makes helps us out a lot. Plus, we are invited to new events and things I might not have been able to attend without the blog.


15.  What is the best seller of your products? My Christmas Gift Guide always feels up and I end up with a waiting list for the next year. As well as a huge Giveaway which helps me grow by leaps and bounds. 


 16.  How do you feel your product or services can benefit others? It helps Homeschooling moms with freebies I offer for school. Tips on how to Homeschool. Direct Sellers and Business Owners events and tips on how to be seen or how to grow a business. Also, I offer classes to teach others how to manage a Direct Sales company and run a Networking group for parents. I teach parents to be able to remain at home with there families.


 17. What are some of your favorite questions to ask a potential client or customer? I like to get to know them I ask what they like to do. Favorite colors or scents. As well as things they do not like.I also ask them what has or hasn’t worked for them in the past. Along with what they expect from me and how I can ensure they will come back to me and refer me to others.


 18.What roll does Social media play in your selling process? As a Blogger we must have Social Media and use it multiple times a day. A blogger wouldn’t have a business without out. You might not need every single Social Service account but you have to have Twitter and Facebook as clients expect it. If you do not know how to use them then I suggest you take classes.


19. How do you handle irate clients/customers? I try to find out why they are upset and if that doesn’t work I ask a Mentor or friend to come and listen and help me resolve the problem as I never want to lose a client.


20. Whats worse not reaching a goal every month or not having happy customers? Not having happy customers as they will tell others they wasn’t happy with you and this will affect future sales and if you want to grow with unhappy customers you will not. 


 21.If you were a potential client/customer what would you want to hear about your business, products or services.


  22.Do you have a website? if so please post it I also have another blog I can share later and so does my 10 year old son.


 23. Do you have photos of products so others can view what you offer? I don’t have photos but as a blogger you can find the things I have attended on done on Facebook, Instagram and also Twitter as I share everything multiple times a day.


24.  Please tell us anything you feel is important for others to know about your business or services. Feel free to share any information that might would help others decide to join you or purchase from you. Just Pray about anything you wish to do and if something doesn’t feel right them don’t do it. Because you must always follow your Gut.


 25. How can someone contact you if they are interested in a service or product you offer? If you would like to reach me you can through email


 26.  If I were to decide to become an affiliate or join your business, what are the cost?  will I receive a kit? Will I have a website? I do not have a affiliate program as I am the owner of my business and there is no, cost unless you chose to set up your own blog. As well as no, website I can offer you at this time.


  27. Why do you feel your business would be a good fit for others who are looking to own their own business or work from home? It gives people flexibility and there families can help them just as mind does. If you chose to be a Review or Giveaway Blogger or even a Travel blogger it can and will open up new doors for you which you may never reach otherwise. Now, I know blogging isn’t for everyone but for those who would like to give it a try I am more than happy to help you.


 28. Is there anything else you would like to add about your business, services or products? I do not know everything nor, do I pretend to. I am a human being who makes mistakes each and every day. I want to grow and be a business owner you would like to work with. Although you must remember I am a mom and my family always comes second. Because it is God first, family second and then work.