About Us


Our Vision

Womens Avenue’s vision is to have a business directory for women small business owners.  We strive to stand out from others by offering to each of our customers a more personalized service. Our philosophy  customer service has and always will be, personalized service helping our customers in a friendly and timely manner. We strive to keep Womens Avenue a family friendly website.
Why? Because people want to know who they’re doing business with. It’s a human thing!



Our Story

Every business has a beginning, the same is also true for Womens Avenue. In 2004 Womens Avenue opened it’s online presence as a small business networking website for women business owners. For the past 12 years Womens Avenue’s focus has been and still remains focused on helping women small business owners become successful with their online presence. Womens Avenue is a site for women business owners to connect , find other opportunities for small work at home businesses, or to find products they may be interested in.

Next Steps…

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