Small Business Networking – Business Advertising

We offer business advertising to our members and visitors that would like to post in our business directory. Small businesses and work at home business owners can purchase a listing to be placed in our business directory. We have many different topics which cover all business types – both products and services. If you are interested in advertising with us, we offer different prices. If you have questions about advertising on Womens Avenue, please email us. Please note: We do not accept ANY adult sites, gambling sites, warez sites, and banner or ad link farms. We are family oriented, diverse, friendly, and clean website. We reserve the right to deny advertising to said business owners.

Business Directory Advertising


This directory area has a category selection for you to choose which will define your business more to others. Just as searching through the yellow pages in a phone book, this business directory will work with the same concept. We highly suggest to please visit your chosen category first and be sure your business is not currently listed. That way you will not have to resubmit your site to us. After the category you want to submit has been located, you can choose how you want to pay then submit your information to us so it can be posted. Please read through our advertising rules and help file should you be unsure about your advertising. If you have any questions about advertising in the business directory, please send an email with your inquiry.

Wholesale Directory

We understand that some business owners have retail and wholesale which is fine however there are some who sell bulk only. This is a directory for business owners who focus on selling in bulk only, not both. Having a wholesale directory will improve your searching for a specific vendor. Our category directory is very specific and it will provide simple searches for visitors. Please be sure that your business is not currently listed before you purchase. If you have any questions about advertising in the wholesale directory, please send an email with your inquiry.

Purchase Your Advertising

Whether you advertise on the wholesale directory or the business directory, your options of time are still the same. Our prices are for yearly fees however they do fall onto a scale of how your advertisement will appear on our directory; we have 2 options you can choose from . When ordering, be sure to select whether or not it will be wholesale or business directory. If you do not select that, we cannot complete your order.


8.00 for 6 month listing

6 Month Listing


14.00 for 1 year listing

12 Month Listing


Your link is to be no more than 450 characters (this includes spaces also) Before you order, be sure that you are not already listed and you have chosen the correct category for your business. After you have sent your payment via Pay Pal, please email us your link and state in your subject title, “LISTING FOR WOMENS AVENUE”. We will not post your link until we have gotten your payment.