ARBONNE with Kelly Mchugh

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1.  Tell me how you got involved in your business? The art teacher at the school I currently work at invited me to a presentation.  I was looking for something to supplement the pay cut I had taken with my teacher’s salary.  After becoming educated about what is and isn’t in the products our country allows on the shelves, becoming a consultant was an easy choice because I, not only now had another source of income, I also could afford pure, safe, and beneficial products because I shop at my own store.

2. What does a typical day look like as in the like of someone who runs their own business? Days vary depending upon what activity you have going on.  A typical weekday/night would include working as a teacher during the day and then coming home and having dinner with the family.   If there was an event scheduled I would then attend that, usually from like 7-8:30 or so.  If no event is scheduled then I would spend some time making calling, placing orders, following up, etc. for maybe 30 minutes or so after the kids are in bed as needed.  A typical weekend usually includes keeping up with my six-year old’s busy social calendar.  I lay out our family obligations first, and then book events around that.
3  What attributes does someone need to have in order to be really successful in this position?  To be successful, you need drive and determination.  If you want this to be a business, you must treat it that way.  It’s also important to be coachable.  Take advice from your upline and follow the system for success that has already been put in place.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel.
5.  What did you do before you started your business? I have been teaching for over 15 years.
6.   Please tell us about your business, the products you offer? Our skin care lines include Re9 (anti-aging), FC59 (all complexions), Calm (sensitive skin), Clear Future (acne), and Arbonne Intelligence (multitasking formulas).  Under personal care we have the Rescue and Renew line (based around essential oils), Shea Butter, Pure Mint, ABC Baby Care, and our Liquid Sunshine line.  We also have hair care, makeup, and nutrition.  Please see the online catalog for more information on these products.
7. What is your favorite part about working from home? I currently work this alongside my full time job.  My future goal is to make Arbonne my full time job so that I can be home with my children and give back to the community.
8. What can you tell me about your new products or plans for growth? Our newest products are our essential oils.  We are so excited about them.  We currently have lavender, lemon, peppermint, and a harmony blend.  We like to say that we may be late to the party when it comes to this category of products, but we are certainly the best at the party!  Our global conference in April so we will be releasing more products then.  Arbonne is always growing and changing.  
9. What do you feel is your greatest sales accomplishment and when/why did it happen? My greatest accomplishment was the first time I signed up a consultant under one of my existing consultants.  It was about 5 months ago.  It was a big deal because it was one of the first times I was on my own without my upline’s support.  It gave me the confidence to know that I could and am building a successful business.  This person is currently one of the highest earners on my team!
10. How do you balance client expectations versus real expectations? How do you handle it when they are too high? I really truly believe in all of our products.  I have used almost all of them at one point or another.  They really are as amazing as we make them sound.  I expect great results from them and so do my customers.  If clients aren’t 100% in love we always reevaluate their needs and trade it in for a different product.  Arbonne truly cares about their clients and does everything they ca to uphold impecable customer service. 
 11. Pretend I’m a prospect and give me an example of a pitch of a product or service you are selling.
This is a great time to take a look at our 30 Days for Healthy Living Program.  Many people end the year making resolutions to change their eating habits and get healthy.  This program is NOT a diet, but rather a kick start to a lifestyle change revolving around clean eating.  There is a plan in place to follow that includes a shake for breakfast and/or lunch, and then healthy recipes and suggestions for your other meals.  Included in the package are other products to help your body detox and get rid of the toxins including a delicious detox tea, a gentle “white pants approved” 7 day cleanse, a digestion aid that has both your prebiotic and probiotic, and Fizz Sticks which are a healthy B vitamin caffeine replacement.  We have several other nutrition products that complement this program that I know I cannot live with out.  We have several packages designed to fit most budgets.  What are some things you are interested in sampling or learning more about?
12.  How do you keep up to date on your target market? I try to stay knowledgeable on what is out there.  We have something for everyone, so I keep my focus on the products that will do the best job at different points in the year.  Many times our skin changes as the weather changes.
13. Tell Us about your company, how it started, products you offer. This company was founded by Petter Morck over 37 years ago.  He was passionate about developing botanically based products around our philosophy pure, safe, and beneficial.  He identified the United States as having the worst product ingredients doing the most harm to the people using them so he decided to begin his company here.  Arbonne follows all European standards, but our products are made and shipped from California.  The company began with it’s flagship anti-aging Re9 line, and has now grown to include skincare for both men and women, several other skin care lines, a baby line, makeup, nutrition, essential oils, and personal care products.  If you have skin, we have something for you.
14.  What is the best seller of your products? I would have to say that our nutrition products and program is very popular for customers of all ages.  We recently launched essential oils which is a favorite, and the bread and butter of the company is our anti-aging skincare.
15.   How do you feel your product or services can benefit others? From the beginning Arbonne has developed products by combining the best of science and nature.  Our Scientific Advisory Board is made up of leading professionals in science, medicine, health, wellness, and nutrition.  They lend their expertise and knowledge into our research and development process.  They study ingredients and establish strict guidelines about what can and cannot be in our products long before it became stylish.  All of our ingredients are sustainably sourced.  We formulate our products without animal products or by-products, artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.  There is no phthalates, sodium laureth sulfates (SLES), sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), talc, mineral oil, or tallow.  All of the ingredients are botanically based, which means they come from a plant, flower, or herb.
16.  What are some of your favorite questions to ask a potential client or customer?
Clients: If you had three wishes what would you change about your skin or body?  What type of skincare have you tried before?  What do you use now?  Do you have any allergies?  Potential New Consultants: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What would you do if something happened to the main source of income for your family?  Where do you see yourself on a scale of 1-10 for building a business like this?
17. What roll does Social media play in your selling process? Consultants utilize social media in different ways.  There are standards we must adhere but we are free to utilize social media as much or as little as we want.  I have a business Facebook page right now that I post the most on.  This page is meant to share information about products and sales, but also to educate clients, friends, and family about the industry.  
18. How do you handle irate clients/customers? To be honest, I have not run into this problem thus far in the two years I have been with the company.  If anyone is unhappy with a product, Arbonne always is willing to issue a refund in that first month.  If a product is defective, Arbonne will send a replacement no questions asked.  
19.  Whats worse not reaching a goal every month or not having happy customers? Not having happy customers.  It is important to me that clients are not only happy with their purchases, but also that the products are working for them.  Every client is unique, with different needs.  What works for one person may not work for the next.  I want to make sure that each client is matched with the products that will best serve his or her needs.  
20. If you were a potential client/customer what would you want to hear about your business, products or services. I would want to know that this company has been in business for over 37 years.  From Day 1 we have been gluten free and vegan, even before the world really knew what that meant.  Our founder believes that empowering women will change the world and so he designed this company to be something that would allow women to not have to sacrifice time with their family in order to go to work.  Arbonne is an extremely generous company that really works hard to give back to their customers and consultants.
21.  Do you have a website? if so please post it Yes my website is
22.  Do you have photos of products so others can view what you offer?Absolutely.  We have an online catalog that you can check out at this link:
23.  Please tell us anything you feel is important for others to know about your business or services. Feel fre to share any information that might would help others decide to join you or purchase from you.
24.  How can someone contact you if they are interested in a service or product you offer? My email is and my contact number is 201-240-3229.  You can call or text.  
25.  Is there anything else you would like to add about your business, services


Arbonne has an amazing charitable foundation.  Its mission is supporting the confidence and self-esteem of teens.  To date, the foundation has helped more than 155, 000 teens and has granted more than $2.5 million dollars.