Are You a Failure at Networking? Written by : Renee Brown

What is the definition of networking? Some think it is advertising …….but

The true definition of networking is the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions. This can mean in person, on the phone, online.

Advertising is not networking. Many people perceive the term networking as advertising

And go some where online and post ad after ad after ad. Think about it, the last few ads you placed have you gotten any response from them? Have you gotten any customers?

When running a business it is necessary to advertise, market and network. What is networking you keep asking? When you join a group online do you just read post after post and never say a word or worse yet never introduce yourself? A lot of people do, why because they do not know what to do! I know that sounds crazy doesn’t it. Well its not. Many people join networks or groups such as this one and expect to be able to advertise and they believe that is networking. Networking is getting to know someone, learning about them, helping them with what they ask, talking, asking questions, giving answers. Chatting such as Where are you from? Or Do you have kids? When you ask that question, it seems like everyone answers right? They do.

Why do you join a group or a networking group? Then after you join you never say a word, you remain silent and then you wonder why am I not making sales or money. Why? Because no one knows you are there! You are invisible! They can not see you! Why when your name is listed in the group , because you have made no effort to introduce your self or ask questions or join in chats, discussions, events what ever may be happening on the group.

It’s a proven fact that people or potential customers will not buy from someone they do not know and trust. So if you never network, how can anyone trust you enough to buy from you? Potential customers will buy from someone they know and recommend someone they know before they recommend a business they do not know. Or know any thing about. Just because you post specials and ads every where is not letting people know who you are and that they can trust you.

So many times this is where people think networking and advertising are the same. But Remember if you want your business to grow, Network, get to know people, learn to trust others so they will trust you, follow thru with your sales, consultations, what ever, but network. It’s a key role in growing and developing your business.

If you sit idle and do nothing, your business does nothing. You get out of your business exactly what you put into it. You do part time, you get part time results, you do no time you get no results. You work hard, network, , you get good results. Think about it,

Are you going to be a failure in business or are you going to be successful?

It is your choice, only you can make your business work, No one will do it for you!.

Renee Brown has been a online networker for 5 plus years and also owns and operates womens avenue is a small business networking resource website, that helps small or home-based business grow and succeed .Visit Renee Brown’s websites today@ Free to reprint article as long as author’s bio remains intact.