Are Your Goals In Check Or Stalemate? By Sue Elvins

Recently I had seen a movie that struck me with realism in the sense of my own goal planning ventures. Not necessarily for business but more of where I wanted to be for my future and what my desire was for the future in life. The movie was focused on a group of children who were born in the South Bronx. With the help of a teacher who felt that every child could live their dream and do whatever they wanted as long as they planned ahead of every one else, he taught them the game of chess.

While teaching them how to play this game he also showed them how to control their own thoughts and keep ahead of others without letting anyone hold you back from getting where you want to go. The children went on working very hard in both learning this game and their grades improved tremendously. In the end, the entire class made it from state to the national championship just by the type of learning process and how they were taught. I was amazed at how it had changed the line of thinking that quickly. It made me wonder how I could compare my own life to a chess board and what it looked like at this time. What moves could I make to give me the best advantage over my opponent and allow me the opportunity at a stale mate or a draw where neither one of us can move without placing the other in a position of being beaten.

Life is like a chess board when you consider this fact. Each time you move a pawn one space or two spaces ahead, your opponent can one of the similar actions depending upon which they decide on. You then have to consider do you want to move another pawn and open your bishop, rook, or queen which can move farther around the board; or do you want to keep moving that one particular pawn space by space. Remember, your opponent can do the same moves as you in whatever way they wish at their own strategy.

It is called the challenge of the mind and planning ahead of what could happen before you make your move. The reason is should you move a pawn that opens a bishop or a queen, your opponent will see the opportunity and plan ahead with their own strategy to go after one of those two pieces and eventually your king piece which will place you in check. Once in check, you have to move your king immediately before it is taken and the game is ended. Your strategy plan of the game is to place your opponent’s king in check and end the game for them. It works the same way in business, think ahead of your competitors and stay two steps ahead of how you best feel they would plan their strategy.

There are many business owners in the world however the joy of it is, out of all the business owners in the world today there is plenty of opportunity to join forces (alliances) and build business from one another. Consider this as an example. You own a desktop publishing business; another person owns a business that sells candy. Now they are two different businesses however they can combine forces and help out one another.

An easy solution could be by this. The business owner of the candy store needs business brochures to display all of her main products that she sells plus has a description of her business. She wants a brochure that has a photo of her business on the front of the brochure also. Now the desktop publisher can give that to her for a reasonable price; that will solve the candy store owner’s issue for advertising. The desktop publisher is giving a small presentation and she wants something special for the guests that she can hand out along with her brochure. The candy store owner sells her 3 small pieces of chocolate candies wrapped in tin foil then wrapped up in a cello like bag with a small piece of ribbon she can attach to her brochure. The desktop publisher can sit that on the tables in front of each seat for the guests. It is a perfect match and both businesses have worked together. They have built their alliance together and broke out of their comfort zone.

It is a challenge and it can be played out correctly provided each step is taken and your most important pieces are protected. So rather than have someone corner your king or take your queen, make the right moves that you know need to be done. Reach for your success and call stale mate to any opponent that challenges your limits.

Sue Elvins is the owner of A Page Or 2, a web consulting company for small business owners and non profit organizations. Her experience in project management provide clients with options of increasing profit margins. For more information: