Blog Your Way to More Traffic & Sales

Blog Your Way to More Traffic & Sales
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Blog is short for web log. A web log is a journal of sorts that is updated frequently to keep your visitors’ interest. Blogs are generally of a personal nature and express the opinions and thoughts of the webmaster. Blogs also contain links and other resources. Many people think of blogs as “online diaries.” Blogging is becoming a very popular method of publishing as it does not require any technical knowledge and it can greatly increase the popularity of your site. Some blogs allow the visitors to post and enter there thoughts and opinions as well.

A blog keeps people coming back to your site and a blog is also very helpful with the search engines because of the ever changing content. Search engines love new content!

Starting a blog is not hard. There are sites that provide this service for free.

First step is to take a look at some other blogs to get a feel of how they are done. Simply pick your favorite search engines, do a search for blogs and spend sometime reading and studying them. Get familiar with different styles, formats and content until you feel like you know what you would want to do with your blog.

You can then get started on your own blog. There are lots of sites where you can start your own blog for free:

Take some time to design your blog. Decide what color scheme you want to use and the type of layout you want. Some sites will have pre-designed layouts and templates to choose from or you can edit your own.

After you get your blog designed and set up, test it out with a few posts. Make any necessary changes you feel it needs. Once you have it tweaked, it is time to get started with your new blog.

Once you start your blog, be sure and promote it heavily. Post it in blog directories, announce it in groups and on boards. Put it in your sigtag.

Blog Directories:

Do a search for blog directory or submit your blog and you will find many more places to post your new blog!

Be sure and update your blog frequently and make it interesting. Give it some personality! DO NOT neglect your blog!

Don’t get discouraged if your blog is not an overnight sensation. As with any marketing, it takes time to get noticed. Keep it fresh and new and interesting and before long, you will be a master blogger!

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