Importance of Offline Marketing by Kara Kelso

The internet is a wonderful source of information and millions of people that could be your customer. Although we need to keep in mind that there are millions of others just like you fighting for that business. This is why it’s important to tap into the offline world – people that you would never meet online. Starting with your local community, let’s talk about a few things that you could do to market offline.

Events – (craft shows, bazaars, fairs, etc)
The online world dies down during the summer, so this is a perfect time of year to improve your offline marketing. Check with local offices (Chamber of Commerce, City Hall) and also your local mall.

Drawings and Contests
These can be done at local restaurants or other small businesses. Perfect for smaller towns with only a few businesses. Talk to the owners about setting up a box for a drawing for free products that you offer, donating a free lunch/gift certificate at that particular business, or both.

Advertising with your Car
You shouldn’t expect a whole lot of business from doing this, but the main purpose should be to get your name out. It takes several times of someone seeing the name of your business before they buy, so the more you can get it seen the better!

Networking in your Community/Getting Involved
Join the PTA, Chamber of Commerce, charity groups, etc. Attend town meetings and be aware of the people and events in your community.

Catalog Shows
Offer hostess benefits for those doing catalog shows for you. Ask current customers if they would like to earn their favorite products for free.

New Mom Packs/Welcome Wagon
Again check with the local offices and groups.

Open House
Hold an open house in your home and invite all your friends and family. Encourage guests to bring friends too. Make sure you have lots of catalogs, brochures, business cards, and hostess information on hand.

Now for the challenge – choose one idea that you have never done before, and start making plans. Aim to at least have your plans done within a month. Good luck!

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