IT WORKS with Tammy Felker

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I was  introduced to it works from a friend who I was working with in a previous company that they go belly up
2. I still work a full-time job but my daily goals are to talk to 2 to 3 people daily about the it works products. just in conversation get to know  what are their health goals and what products would help them
I also follow up on leads that I have gotten through friends or on social media when I do a post about a product.
3.  It works is a health and wellness company and since I was a fitness instructor years before it helps.  Our products are helping people in many different ways they are all natural plant-based but we do  if you have a concern about the ingredients in the products we ask you to talk to doctors about taking this product before you do so all ingredients can we print it out and brought to your doctor.
 I believe being a product of the products help you succeed in any business no your products your stories your success and how I can help an individual
4  The biggest struggle I think I know I have is the bad reps that my company have received to overcome them because I know our main product to start the company office call that crazy rap but we have a 50 other products that are available to help each and every person with their health issues and their goals to a better healthier life.
 I have heard horror stories of people just going out there and saw this crazy wrap thing and think it works there’s a process you must follow to make every product work for your best results and the main thing with the wrap is drink water .
5.I still work full-time at a retail business but I was a certified fitness  instructor for 4 years before. Love to Leave Walmart and work my it Works business full-time
6 It Works global has a variety of products From weight loss, supplements, vitamins ,skin care , and just began to introduce Keto line to the company.
 One of my favorite products is the greens which helps alkaline your pH in your blood and increase your immune system people talk about disease cancer and sickness are greens can help with that health issue because only cancer and disease can thrive in an acidic  body . It’s a proven fact!
7 .  To work from home you have more time to do what you need with your family with your friends you on your own time I miss that a lot with my children because I worked this a great business to stay healthy look and feel good and be with your family .
8.Ketos coffee is our newest product! My  Company wants a change peoples lives for the better not only healthier but financial .I am looking to help people who want to stay home and succeed in business.
My goal is to find 4 more interesting people to join with me to  Financial freedom .
My company is always giving bonuses just for doing the steps to success finding people to join with you customers to try the products and there are many times they do BoGo Free.
9  my great achievements is when I can help somebody change the way they feel and look . My second is helping one of my team members grow their business and share the products with others
10  expectations are high and all levels but I feel if I just talk about the product that I use with others And the benefits.
 I have learned that everybody succeeds in their own time some people climb ladder really fast and then fall I feel like the turtle slow and steady wins my financial freedom
11   Hi my name is Tammy and I overheard you talking about how stressed you are and anxious well I have a product that could help you in that way it’s plant-based all natural and it’s called Confianza . I have known a few people who take prescription drugs the calm their nerves I actually have a source that has a child with ADHD a prescription medicine and realized she won a different way so she is Confianza I believe this product can help you can I take your name and number and I can send you some more information about this product and the benefits how I can help you
 The healthcare field the doctors nurses pharmacies seem to want you to put your medications which is full of chemicals side effects and more it works global products are natural plant-based and very really have side effects so why would you put more chemicals in your body to control some of your health issues they cost more money to be unhealthy then is to be healthy
 My company  has amazing training online we have a group page help us all succeed in the business we ask questions share results share information where he can ask questions about a certain product for a potential customer we also have online events weekly on Facebook and it’s free and we did give a free wrap away at the end of the party to one invited guests it interactive you’re more than welcome to ask questions and give you a rundown of about five  to 10 products each a Vance so it’s a great way to learn about the products and the business itself
 Yes I have a website
Email to contact is