LUMINESS with Stephanie Osler

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1. Tell me how you got involved in your business
          I have been an RN for 22 years, and I have worked every shift imaginable.  Now with 3 kids all involved in activities every night of the week and most weekends, my husband and I desperately needed a
          change.  We decided it was time for me to do something more flexible where I could be available to start the mid afternoon school pick up and activity drop offs.  I started in another MLM company, and then              my sister in law approached me with Luminess.  I love that it is new to MLM, but established in a 21 year old company.
2. What does a typical day look like as in the like of someone who runs their own business?
          Checking and returning emails, FB, and IG posts. Making phone calls to check out in with people you have given samples to, or to people that have asked about different products.   Making and keeping a                budget.  Making creative advertisements.  Staying up to date on new products.
3  What attributes does someone need to have in order to be really successful in this position?
            People skills.  The ability to network and get their products out there without harassing everyone you know.
4. What are the biggest challenges that someone in this position would face?
           Getting people to see the quality of your products and what they can do for them.
5.  What did you do before you started your business?
           I was an RN
6.   Please tell us about your business, the products you offer?
            Luminess has been around for 21 years.  It is a $2 billion/yr company.  They just released their products to MLM at the beginning of 2017.  There are currently less than 800 reps nationwide.  We sell                        airbrush makeup, other cosmetics, and skin care.
7. What is your favorite part about working from home?
          Being able to be there with my children before and after school, with my husband at night, and at activities at school during the day and on weekends without feeling like I am letting people down by being off            work.  I can do all of this with a mobile phone or laptop, so, I can always be available to work while still being with my family.
8. What can you tell me about your new products or plans for growth?
           Our skin care lines are new, and selling like hotcakes.  Our growth plan is to grow the company as an MLM and become an international company.
9. What do you feel is your greatest sales accomplishment and when/why did it happen?
          I don’t think I can point out just one.  Every time someone tells me how much they love the products and how it makes them feel better about them self, giving them more confidence, feeling                                        sexier….everyone of those things is an accomplishment.
10. How do you balance client expectations versus real expectations? How do you handle it when they are too high?
             Unfortunately, if you strive to make everyone happy, then no one is happy.  Setting the clients up for miracle results just to get a sell is usually what leads to unrealistic expectations from them.
 11. Pretend I’m a prospect and give me an example of a pitch of a product or service you are selling.
              Tired of cleaning your makeup brushes, or using old dirty ones because you don’t take or have the time to clean them?  Have acne, wrinkles, discolored skin you want to cover without wearing makeup                       that looks caked on?  The airbrush system is just what you need to help with all that.  With airbrush, you never have to touch your face with old, dirty brushes.  You look radiant from morning to night.                        Because out makeup does not seep into your skin, it doesn’t clog your pores. Try it out today.  If you are not happy, just lest us know within 30 days for a full refund.
12.  How do you keep up to date on your target market?
               Magazines, internet, FB, IG.
13. Tell Us about your company, how it started, products you offer.
              The company was originally started and only available through tv offers.  We offer cosmetics and skin care.
14.  What is the best seller of your products?
                Lip stains
15.   How do you feel your product or services can benefit others?
                 It saves time and money with quality makeup and skin care that helps to clear acne and reduces our skin imperfections from the damages done by time and the environment.
16.  What are some of your favorite questions to ask a potential client or customer?
                Do you want to save time and money on your skin care and makeup?  Do you want to look younger, sexier?  Do you want to have a new found confidence every time you walk into a room?
17. What roll does Social media play in your selling process?
              It’s a tool to get your company name and product out to more people faster.
18. How do you handle irate clients/customers?
              Be understanding, listen to what they are saying.  If you can help them with using the product differently for better results, than offer to help them through video chat, etc….. If they just don’t like the                            product, call customer service to get them their refund.
19.  Whats worse not reaching a goal every month or not having happy customers?
                Not having happy customers
20. If you were a potential client/customer what would you want to hear about your business, products or services.
             How long the business has been around, the key ingredients of the products, what sets them aside from others, the compensation plan, how many other reps am I competing with to sell the same                             products.
21.  Do you have a website? if so please post it 
22.  Do you have photos of products so others can view what you offer? 
23.  Please tell us anything you feel is important for others to know about your business or services. Feel fre to share any information that might would help others decide to join you or purchase from you. 
               Luminess is a stable $2 billion/year, 21 year old company with less than 800 reps nationwide.  All the products are developed by our founder, a dermatologist that developed Aquaphor.  All the products                     are scientifically based to provide you with the best results.
24.  How can someone contact you if they are interested in a service or product you offer?