PURE HAVEN ESSENTIALS with Tracey Sanders Laber

1.  Tell us about you, your passions, your goals.

I’m married (24 years in June), no kids unless you count the 4 legged furry kind, then I have 5 (1 dog, 3 cats and 1 rabbit).  One of my passions is Disney.  I’m a huge Disney fan (freak some would say). Another would be the color purple!  Now my goals, this is a tough one because I’ve never really thought about it.  

2.  Tell me how you got involved in your business?
I was with another DS company (health & wellness) and struggled with that one.  Was invited to an online FB party to check out the products.  I ordered the 4 piece skin care set and from first use, was hooked and fell in love with the products.  So that’s when I decided to join.

3.  What does a typical day look like as in the like of someone who runs their own business?
Well since I also work a full time job as a secretary at our church, I get up go to work.  Since I have the flexibility to work my DS job, while doing my desk job, I try to share and post on FB throughout the day and then again when I go home in the evening.  
4.  What attributes does someone need to have in order to be really successful in this position?
Have to be a “go getter” and always willing to learn.  I learn something new each day.  Can’t just sit back and think “if I post, they will come”.  
5.  What are the biggest challenges that someone in this position would face?
Fear of the unknown, rejection
6.  What did you do before you started your business?
Well as I stated earlier, I work as the secretary for our church.  
7.  Please tell us about your business, the products you offer?
Pure Haven Essentials offers essential products for bath & body, skin, spa, face, hair, men, women, children, babies, home cleaning and essential oils.  All our products are 100% toxic free, organic, vegan and gluten free.
8.  What is your favorite part about working from home?
Well since I also work outside the home, I can’t honestly answer this question.  
9.  What can you tell me about your new products or plans for growth?
Well the company just released a laundry detergent as well as essential oil rollerball blends.  
10.  What do you feel is your greatest sales accomplishment and when/why did it happen?
I guess that would have to have been my first sale from someone other than my family or close friends.  Someone that found a post/product from my business page.
11.  How do you balance client expectations versus real expectations? How do you handle it when they are too high?
Since I’ve only been with the company 2 months, I don’t have any “clients” yet, so don’t really have any expectations.
12.  Pretend I’m a prospect and give me an example of a pitch of a product or service you are selling.
First I would ask if you had anything that you were suffering from?  Like acne, rosacea, psoriasis, dry itchy skin?  Then I would tell you that you need to try the Dream Cream.  It has helped my rosacea and adult acne with just a few uses.  
13.  How do you keep up to date on your target market?
I follow the leads from my teammates and up line leaders.  I watch FB and other social media outlets for trends.  
14.  Tell Us about your company, how it started, products you offer.
Company is based in Rhode Island, so products are made here in the USA in a certified organic facility.  As for the products, see my answer in question 7.
15.  What is the best seller of your products?
Our Dream Cream and Booboo Stick are big sellers.
16.  How do you feel your product or services can benefit others?
People are always talking about being healthy, wanting to live longer, and are always watching what they put in their bodies, but never consider what they put on the outside.  Our skin is our largest organ and it takes mere seconds for our skin to absorb so many harmful chemicals.
17.  What are some of your favorite questions to ask a potential client or customer?
Can’t say that I have a favorite question, but I always ask what is their concern or if they suffer from any sort of skin condition, etc.
18.  What roll does Social media play in your selling process?
It plays an important role.  You can reach out to so many people, whether locally or around the world.  The possibilities are endless.
19.  How do you handle irate clients/customers?
Well since I haven’t had to deal with any, I really can’t answer.
20.  Whats worse not reaching a goal every month or not having happy customers?
Since I’m just starting out, I’d have to say not reaching my goal every month.
21.  If you were a potential client/customer what would you want to hear about your business, products or services.
I’d want to know about the products offered and their uses; and any return policies, which by the way, we offer a 60 day empty bottle guarantee.
22.  Do you have a website? if so please post it 
Yes, my website to shop is purehavenessentials.com/traceylaber.
23.  Do you have photos of products so others can view what you offer?
Yes, they can be found on my FB business page at https://www.facebook.com/PHEbyTracey/.  Not only do I post product info, but testimonies from people who are using the products and other helpful articles about living chemical and toxic free.
24.  Please tell us anything you feel is important for others to know about your business or services. Feel free to share any information that might would help others decide to join you or purchase from you.
I’ve seen this quote on FB, but “people are always counting calories when they need to be counting chemicals.”  The chemicals we put into and on our bodies are slowly killing us.  Another quote that I like is “we need to get back to a simpler, non-toxic time and start using products that our parents used 50 years ago”.  
25.  How can someone contact you if they are interested in a service or product you offer?
They can friend request me on FB and send me a message; they can message me through my business page; and from my website, my email address is listed there.  
 26.  If I were to decide to become an affiliate or join your business, what are the cost?  will I receive a kit? Will I have a website?
Yes.  The cost is $125 and you get a kit which consists of (2) of our No. 8 Essentials bundles.  Each bundle contains 8 full size product and a bonus trial size.  One bundle is for you to try and the other can be to share with others, make samples, however you feel will help your business grow.  And yes, you will get a website.  The website is free for the first 3 months, then it’s $4.95 each month (tax write-off!!).  You also get a back office where you can track your customers, orders, create parties, order wholesale items, find product info and more.
27.  Why do you feel your business would be a good fit for others who are looking to own their own business or work from home?
From being with another DS company that was selling supplements, I know how skeptical people can be to purchase products of that type.  There are so many DS companies that are saturated with consultants.  Our company is fairly new and only has about 13,000 consultants across the nation.  
28.  Is there anything else you would like to add about your business, services or products?
No, I think this about sums it up!